Players Who Are On The Hot Seat for ’14

This may be a little premature considering camp hasn’t started, so there is no real basis for my thoughts right now.  However, I do have a method to my madness.  After last season, there were a few players that many of us thought under performed big time- and if they were released or waived for whatever reason, none of us would have been surprised.  However, it seems that Grigson and the coaching staff have a hard time letting people go that aren’t cut out for this team.  Some of the players I plan to mention should be on the hot seat already- and if they don’t perform this season, then it’s hasta la vista baby, but they’ll more than likely get another chance to show what they can do.

Here is my small list of players so far that can feel the heat to perform or get out of town. Continue reading

Why Is Irsay’s NFL Punishment Taking So Long??

This is a topic that seems to be grabbing everyone’s attention more and more as the season draws near.  Why hasn’t Roger Goodell handed down his punishment to Jim Irsay?  It’s a valid question, I believe.  If it were a player, this would have been handled swiftly and it wouldn’t be a topic of conversation.  Look what happened with Mathis.  News broke he tested positive, punishment came down, appeal was filed and denied.  Boom, boom, and boom.  LaVon Brazill tested positive for the 3rd time for marijuana.  News broke, punishment came down, Colts released him.  Just like ripping off a Band-Aid.  So why hasn’t Goodell filed the papers on Irsay?  There is a very simple answer to that….HE’S AN OWNER!!! Continue reading

Impact Players 2014: Hakeem Nicks


The Colts will have a plethora of options in the receiving corps this year, after rolling the dice unsuccessfully on Darrius Heyward-Bey last year.  It seems Grigson did not want the same results to hinder the team or Luck’s progression.  The focus was illuminated with the losses last season of Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen, so the front office this year brought in Hakeem Nicks into the fold to prevent the problems the team had at wide receiver last season.  Now the receiver corps looks to be much more solid with the return of the injured players and the group of young receivers that had to acclimate quickly last season. So, even if Nicks doesn’t produce as expected, the team would most likely be okay.  Now you’re probably asking yourself, why is he an impact player then?  The simple answer is because it is in Nicks best intrest, he needs to play and contribute due to the structure of his contract. Continue reading

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