Costa Out…Holmes the Man for Now…

Grigson recently expressed the idea of competition settling the much maligned position of center for the Colts heading into the 2014 season. It was supposed to be recently signed Phil Costa versus 2013′s fourth round draft pick Khaled Holmes out of USC battling it out. Although Holmes seemed to have the edge heading into training camp and preseason by many from the outside, the idea of play settling on the field seemed to be the desired outcome. Well, scratch Phil Costa’s name from the competition because today he announced he was retiring. Here is what the Colts GM had to say on the subject, “Phil feels it’s in his best interest to retire from the game. We certainly understand and wish him nothing but the best.” Continue reading

The More Things Change..

There is an old saying that goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same. ” That adage seems to apply to the Colts, and more namely the AFC South. Since the AFC South was formed in 2002 the Colts have been the dominant factor in the division, winning eight division titles, going to two Super Bowls, one of those they won. The Titans and the Texans have both won two division titles, and the Jaguars have shown flashes at times of being one of the those teams you don’t want to play. However, all things changed in 2011 when the Colts finished 2-14, and the Texans seized the opportunity and won their first of what many thought would be an extended run similar to that what the Colts did. But, it didn’t quite work out like that. They did win two back to back division titles but in a similar manner the Texans fell apart and finished 2-14 similarly to the Colts. The Texans now have to decide how they want to move going forward with the first overall pick in the draft. Continue reading

Grading Colts ’14 Free Agency


     Simply stated, the ’13 and ’14 free agency periods could not be more night and day.  Last March  we were seeing  tweets from the Colts owner about getting on planes with $100 Million to throw at whomever he wanted.  This year only “Roster Updates” from the boss, before the situation that involved his arrest and admittance to a treatment facility.  Last years signings failed to live up to the hype, collectively as a group, either because of injuries or mediocre performance- or both in some cases.  How will this year’s additions look next year at this time?

It’s almost impossible to realistically project what you’ll see from any one player, with all that could possibly happen in an NFL season, as we witnessed last year.  Some work out and some do not.  With that I’m going to grade the Colts ’14 free agency on who they’ve retained, added and allowed to walk, up to this point. Continue reading

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