Tyvon Branch To Visit With Colts

Connor Orr reported earlier today that former Raiders safety Tyvon Branch will be visiting with the Colts today.  The stop in Indy is one of a few others that Branch supposedly has scheduled.

Branch is a strong safety that was drafted by the Raiders in 2008 and he has spent his whole career thus far in the Black Hole.  His last two seasons in Oakland have been injury riddled however.  In 2013 Branch broke his leg and last season he broke his foot.

Branch is a middle of the road safety and would be an upgrade from Landry of course but with injury concerns looming there has to be some hesitation.  The Colts took on Ahmad Bradshaw with his slew of injury concerns and that worked out okay so we know they aren’t only looking at durability.

Branch can be a safety that can bolster the back end of the Colts defense but with the injury concerns there have to be some red flags.  He would be a cheap pick up as he is coming back from two injuries and hasn’t really played football since 2012.  If he has anything left in the tank I think that Pagano and his staff can get it out of him.

A Fan Favorite Stays Home

overton-matt-01Fan favorite Matt Overton has signed a four year contract extension to keep him in Indy.  Overton became an instant fan favorite when he came to Indy and has only built on that since.  Matt has been a positive influence on the Indy community and has done so many fundraising campaigns it’s not even funny.

Overton came to the Colts three years ago and took a job from another long time fan favorite Justin Snow.

I stand by this comment and it’s even more true today.  The Colts organization is quite possibly the only NFL organization where the long snapper has such a following.  Matt is very willing to talk to every fan at the games and at any public appearances and is even more than willing to help the community any way he can.  How many other NFL cities do you travel to and see people walking around with their long snappers jersey on?  If you can name two I would be surprised.

Congratulation to Matt Overton and I think that I speak for all of Colts Nation when I say thanks for everything you have done and we look forward to seeing what else you plan to do for this city and this team.  Keeping together the 4th Down Army was a must and Grigson came through for the fans of this team.

Colts Seven Round Mock Draft 2.0

Players have been tagged and free agency is coming soon.  The draft is in just over a month.  The NFL offseason is moving quickly and has been very exciting so far.  The Colt have made some moves to clear cap space.  They haven’t really made any moves that have surprised us.  They still have free agents of their own that they haven’t resigned and have until March 10th before these guys can sign with another team.

Grigson hasn’t had a successful draft since 2012 so this year he must show that he is serious about building the team not only with free agents but through the draft.  This draft is full of men who can fill spots fairly easily.  Here is my second go round of who I feel the Colts should pick up to help this team grow and to make that move for the Lombardi finally. Continue reading Colts Seven Round Mock Draft 2.0

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