Preseason Preview: Saints visit Colts


The Saints (2-0) visit Indianapolis (0-2) Saturday August 23rd at 7:00pm.  The Colts are coming into this preseason match-up feeling relatively good about the play thus far.  Although the win-loss total doesn’t look good for the Colts, the team has played well in both games, and especially against the Giants.  The Colts dominated the Giants on both sides of the ball for 3 quarters of play before blowing a 26 point lead in the fourth quarter, largely due to third and fourth string players.  The win may look good for the Giants, but in reality many football analysts felt that the Giants should be concerned about their play, and the opposite can be said for the Colts who have been praised for their offensive prowess led by Andrew Luck. Besides the offense playing great, the defense has played well in both games- so much so, that the defense may be the highlight of the preseason so far.

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Do the Colts Quit on Pagano??

I recently had a conversation via Twitter with everyone’s favorite former blogger – Brad Wells.  If you have followed our Twitter account for a while then you already know that Mr. Wells and I rarely agree on anything.  There are rare instances when I do agree with his opinion, but most of the time I see him as a “shock jock” or “shock blogger” and feel his sole purpose is to get a rise out of Colts fans.

I’m not saying that everything he says is completely off-base or that at times I let my fandom come in between being rational and objective.  My fandom turns me into a complete homer and I refuse to believe what Brad has to say even when it’s completely true.  However, what we spoke about last night after the Colts lost – unbelievably – to the New York football Giants, was his statement that there is a trend going on with the Colts that extends far beyond Saturday night’s collapse.  The trend would be that this team quits or gives up during games and is unable to seal the deal.  I read that statement and was stunned.  Not only that someone would have the audacity to believe this team quits on anyone but that the points he made were……..founded. Continue reading

Trends – The Good, The Bad, & the Neutral

The team is halfway through the preseason and have concluded training camp.  What can we take from this, and who has separated themselves from the rest?  The preseason has shown both the good and bad; mostly good for the first team, but mostly bad for the reserve players.  Let’s take a look at those who are trending up, down, or neutral.

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Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans

Andrew Luck: So far in his limited action in preseason Luck has shown total command of the offense.  That shouldn’t surprise anybody but it’s good to know that we are set at QB for the future.

Matt Hasselbeck:  This also is not too surprising.  Hasselbeck has played sparingly in preseason but well enough to put the fans at ease that if needed to step in there wouldn’t be a huge drop-off in talent. Despite nearing the end of his career he is still mobile and able to move around. Continue reading

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