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The Colts’ interest in Mack as all but over, yet the interest is/was real in the center, who is trying to move on from his playing days as Cleveland’s center. Ultimately, he will cash in big. He has recently signed a tender from one of the Colts’ AFC South Rivals, the Jaguars. Cleveland has the ability to match the offer if it so chooses within five days. As I am writing this, news just came down that the Browns will match the offer likely ending the pursuit of Mack by any team this season. Continue reading

Colts Draft Needs: Where Do They Go From Here??

So basically, all of the meaningful free agents are gone.  There are some big names left, but not much talent left in the tank.  The Colts made some moves during the free agency period to enhance this roster.  Resigning Vinny, Pat, and Vontae were great moves.  Bringing in Arthur Jones and D’Qwell Jackson strengthened the defense, and they even signed Phil Costa away from Dallas.  Let’s just admit it, the Costa signing still has many of us scratching our heads.  However, now that the free agents are all but gone; it’s time to look forward to the NFL Draft.

The Draft is only a few weeks away.  All eyes are focused on the first round right now, but since the Colts don’t have a first round pick we are going to look into the rounds where they do have a selection.  These are the needs the Colts must find suitable players to fill for this next season not to end in the second round of the playoffs.

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True Blue Fans Mock Draft 4.0: Round 4 (with Compensatory Picks)

As I mentioned in Rounds 1-3, these picks will be affected by veteran Free Agency as well as Pro Days and Interviews.

Also, these picks were made based on who I think would improve the teams as a whole, not necessarily BPA.

Compensatory Picks cannot be traded!!!

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