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Gosder Cherilus time with the Colts came to end after the team released him less than a week prior to the start of training camp.  The move isn’t entirely shocking as the front office made preparations with the team’s second-year offensive line and swiss army knife, Jack Mewhort.  Concern in the off season over the healing of Cherilus seemed to be one of the biggest topics, and one that apparently had some fire behind the smoke.

Cherilus started 29 games since coming over as a free agent for the Lions.  The free agent signed a 5 year contract worth $34.5 million ($15.5 million guaranteed and payed already) in 2013 and was expected to be pillar on the right side of the line and help establish some consistency.  However, the signing didn’t live up to the expectations, yet he at times play decent, but never the extent as when he was with the Lions. 

Now, it seems that Jack Mewhort will slide over from Left Guard to Right Tackle, creating another shuffle on the line.  The move while seemingly appears to be more chaos on line plauged by tinkering, may actually produce the opposite, stability.   The team was hopeful that Cherilus would be back in time, now we know that he’s out and as stated Mewhort the likely starting tackle on the right-side.  Maybe now the team can go into camp without having a major question mark lingering around.

Most Disliked Indy Colts Players Of All-Time

GeorgeSo after reading through Sports Illustrated’s Most Hated piece I felt the need to look back on some of the more disliked Colts players since the move to Indy. I read through multiple articles and even searched my own thoughts about who I did not care for and who I have heard people say multiple times they didn’t like.

I have to say after reading some of the posts I found online and comparing them to my own memories I am almost right in line with most of the Colts fans out there. This list is only for Indianapolis Colts players. I did not add John Elway on here because that was obviously before the move happened. However, if you want to know most people still hate on Elway for the decision he made not to play football if he had to play for the Baltimore Colts.

So here is my list. Enjoy!! Continue reading Most Disliked Indy Colts Players Of All-Time

Who Else Belongs In The Ring Of Honor At LOS?

With the announcement recently of fan favorite Jeff Saturday being added to the ring of honor inside Lucas Oil Stadium, a conversation has sprouted from it. Who else belongs there and is there anyone more deserving than Saturday? Two very good questions if you ask me.

There are a plethora of past Colts players that belong in the ring of honor but only a select few will be placed among the other legendary names that currently reside there. I have been thinking about this for the past week and I have come up with a list of guys that belong there. Here is my list: Continue reading Who Else Belongs In The Ring Of Honor At LOS?

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