Colts Stockpiling Cap Cash

GM Ryan Grigson hard at work

It seems Colts GM Ryan Grigson has seen the writing on the wall and has made some moves to clear up more cash from underperforming players.  Last week brought the end to one of the biggest free agent signing bust made by Grigson, LaRon Landry, now the team is clearing another 5 million in cap space by releasing DT, Ricky Jean Francois.  RJF wasn’t a particularly bad signing as he amassed 54 tackles and 5.5 sacks in 26 games (23 starts) but with Arthur Jones signing last season, his salary 6 million (4.75 in cap relief) pushes the Colts stockpile up to 43 million.  Factor in possible cap relief by voiding Trent Richardson’s deal (3 million) as well potentially releasing Erik Walden and the team could be pushing nearly 50 million in cap money available, allowing the team to be one of the wealthiest in free agency.

So, does this indicate that the team will actually be players in free agency? It seems that the team has some plan in place, otherwise they wouldn’t making all of these moves before free agency. Maybe the bigger question is, will they target one the big name players: Suh, Peterson (if available) Farely, Iopoti, Murray, Gore, Revis? As with each cap-saving move, Grigson seems to be signaling that any of the names could be fair game to target once they are able to start laying the parameters for deals (March 7th) with signings on the 10th.

We at TBF have pointed out that Grigson has made some poor free agent signings and player acquisitions, yet we have also seen the positives like: Freeman, Davis, Redding. What all this boils down to is Grigson can’t afford to whiff on another crop of free agents and draft picks if the Colts are to be legitimate contenders in the conference and more importantly, the league. It seems like the stars are aligning for some bigger signings, and it appears that the team will have ample cash to do so. Now, it’s time to put up or shut up.

Free Agents The Colts Must Sign

McPheeWe are just two weeks away from the start of the NFL free agency period.  It is possibly the most exciting time during the offseason next to training camp starting up and the NFL Draft.  We will all be watching to see who goes where and any big surprises that may come up.  As for the Colts many of us are hoping that GM Ryan Grigson doesn’t have another swing and a miss in his back pocket.

The Colts have tried to build the defense mainly through free agency which isn’t a bad idea if you’re bringing in the right people.  Grigson has brought in a few guys that have worked out and some that are complete wastes of time.  Guys like Landry, Walden and Ricky Jean-Francois haven’t even come close to playing up to their contracts.  And don’t get me started on Trent Richardson. This year doesn’t look to be much different except that I feel the Colts will look to the draft to get some young defensive playmakers in here.  With that said here is a short list of free agents that the Colts must take a shot at signing.  They have their own free agents to worry about that they will get taken care of but this list are guys that can be brought in and will make a solid contribution to the team.  Continue reading Free Agents The Colts Must Sign

2015 Colts Draft Preview: Safety

So far we have went over offensive guards, Rush OLB’s and nose LandonCollinstackles in this series.  In this segment we are going to look at another area of need for the Indianapolis Colts, safety.

The Colts, at the current time, have one safety on the roster in Dewey McDonald.  LaRon Landry has been cut, Sergio Brown and Mike Adams are looking into the face of free agency.  We’re not sure if Adams wants to play another year or not and Sergio may be tired of being put in and taken out of the starting line up for lesser players than he is.   One thing is for sure though, the Colts are going to have to find a good young safety in this draft that they can feel comfortable with starting if Adams or Brown leave town or retire.

So here is the list of safeties that I feel could fit in with the Colts and could possibly be available for them to grab up…Enjoy!! Continue reading 2015 Colts Draft Preview: Safety

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