State Of The Colts: Defensive Starters

davis-vontae-01For as long as I can remember the Colts have never had a stellar defense nor have they been a team that opposing offenses feared. Yes quarterbacks have feared Freeney and Mathis at one time but I feel that time has passed even with Mathis still on the team. The Colts defense has been at the heart of every angry conversation about our home team. The biggest complaint is obviously stopping the run, which they haven’t done for a few years now.

The Colts defenses of the past have been patch-work at best with only a few standout players to really mention. So the organization it seems has taken a long hard, to long in my opinion, at the way the Colts defense has been put together and performed. They spent some money this offseason to bring in guys they feel can make an immediate impact and the draft is still to come. I wanted to take time to break down the three phases of the defense and really see if any of the moves made are going to help as much as we are all thinking they will. Continue reading State Of The Colts: Defensive Starters

Colts Pre-Draft Roster Breakdown

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck looks to passWe are now 17 days away from the beginning of the 2015 NFL Draft. After an eventful free agency period for Indianapolis there are still some holes and question marks that GM Ryan Grigson and his staff will be looking to fill in the draft. The Colts are in a “win now” mentality and the way the roster looks so far there isn’t much reason to think it cannot happen.

Obviously this roster break down will change in the coming weeks by signing the draft picks and signed undrafted free agents. So enjoy the read and post your comments below. Continue reading Colts Pre-Draft Roster Breakdown

What Does Lowery Bring To Indy?

LoweryEveryone and their brother have been calling for the Colts sign another free agent safety to play alongside Mike Adams. The problem was that the crop wasn’t that strong and the same can be said for the incoming draft class. Adams played out of his mind last season and Ryan Grigson is hoping to hit another homerun with signing Dwight Lowery.
Continue reading What Does Lowery Bring To Indy?

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