Training Camp Crib Sheet


The 2013 season is in the rearview mirror now that the Colts have arrived at training camp in Anderson leading up to the 2014 season.  This team will take on a shape and form of it’s own, although many of the pieces will remain intact.  So what should we focus on while the team is practicing in Anderson?  That’s what I have outlined below, sort of a crib sheet like you used to use when taking a test in school (not that any of us ever did that).

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Etiquette For Colts Training Camp

Many of you may have read some of my comments from my first day of training camp on 7/23/14.  Everyone that goes out there are there for two things .  The first is to watch their favorite players and team get ready to do battle in 2014.  The second is to score as many autographs as one person can while they are there.  There is nothing wrong with getting autographs from the players.  It’s a great piece of memorabilia that can be treasured for years to come.  However, there are some reasonably simple rules that people should learn to follow while at Anderson University over the next couple of weeks.  Continue reading

Football in Los Angeles Bad for Indy?


The NFL seems to be dead set on returning football to the second largest media market in the nation.  It’s not the first time we’ve heard these rumblings, nor will it be the last.  Talk has sprouted up again after the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell was in San Francisco (Santa Clara) for the ribbon cutting of the 49ers brand new high-tech home, Levi’s Stadium.  Talk turned to the return of football to Los Angeles and comments by other owners in the league seemed to indicate that league will find a way to return.  So how does Indianapolis fit in with this topic?  Let me explain.

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