What’s Wrong With Being A Blogger?

So we have been around now for three years now giving our readers news on the Colts. I started this blog as way to connect with other Colts fans and to have a hobby that I had a lot of interest in. I attempted to write for a couple of other sites but they didn’t work out for me so I started my own.

In that three years we have grown and fallen and are rebuilding again. That’s all due to the readers and the articles we have produced on this site. So I will pose the question again; What’s wrong with being a blogger? Why is it difficult for certain circles to take what we have to say or write as serious as your local newspaper reporter? Continue reading What’s Wrong With Being A Blogger?

Colts 2015 Schedule Released


The NFL knows how to do one thing exceptionally well, take something minor and make it huge.  A prime example of this is the recent release of the 2015 NFL schedule.  As fans of our respective teams, we already knew who the teams we would face next season.  It was just the order and time that NFL scheduling gurus needed to work out.  The NFL Network and ESPN found something to feed it’s news hungry fanbase on a relatively dead period prior to the draft.  So what can be taken away for fans of the horseshoe?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading Colts 2015 Schedule Released

Justin’s Final Seven Round Colts Mock Draft

As we sit so close to the 2015 NFL Draft there is so much buzz Phillipsaround each team and where they will go with their picks to improve their teams. The Colts are no different. They are a few building blocks away from being the elite team we remember and this draft should be the place where they find those hidden gems.

So here is my final predictions for this years draft. If you have comments or want to talk about the mock draft you can find me on Twitter @JustinTBF or you can tweet all of us @TrueBlueFans. You can also email me at justin.henson82@gmail.com. Enjoy!! Continue reading Justin’s Final Seven Round Colts Mock Draft

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