2015 OTA’s Offer Chance For Unknowns And Forgottens To Shine

colts-practice2The Colts began their first set of OTA’s today. These are voluntary workouts but can be very valuable to any new face on the Colts roster. The teams can now run drills without live contact. There are no pads just running and familiarizing themselves with the playbook and their new coaches.

This is the time where the new faces can start to shine or lose some of their luster. Of course not a lot of stock can be put into these first workouts but they shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. The rookies just finished their min-camp and now get the chance to get out there with their veteran counterparts and get acclimated as quickly as possible. This is the time for those undrafted rookie free agents to show the coaching staff what they can do. Yes it’s just in shorts and a t-shirt but they can still display their skills. Continue reading 2015 OTA’s Offer Chance For Unknowns And Forgottens To Shine

Hamilton: Greatest Shoe on Turf


Fans of the Colts are extremely excited about the potential that the offense has for the 2015 season, but they are not the only ones.  Colts offensive coordinator, Pep Hamiliton is already locking himself in isolation to come up with plays that will feature a scary list of weapons: Andre Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief, rookie Phillip Dorsett, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Frank Gore, Dan Herron, and oh this Andrew Luck guy (he’s pretty good).  With all this talent at his disposal, Pep came up with “Greatest Shoe on Turf” as a homage to the Rams “Greatest Show on Turf”.  It’s clever and catchy and I’m sure we’ll hear it to the point where we will get sick of it.  With all that being said, can the Colts possibly  live up to this potential?

The short answer is yes! The Colts should have no problem putting up points. Last year’s team finished 8th in NFL offensive ranking, with the following offensive stats:

1st in passing yards: 305.9
3rd in yards: 406.6
6th in points: 28.6
22nd in rushing yards: 100.8

As you can see, the Colts should be able to either equal or beat their passing numbers, increase their points & yards total with the additions of Andre Johnson, Duron Carter, and first round draft pick Phillip Dorsett to the wide receiver platoon. The team should finally be able to improve their meager rushing performance with the Frank Gore signing and the exodus of Trent Richardson as well as the re-signing of Dan Herron, and Josh Robinson through the draft along with fellow college alum and Vick Ballard returning from injury, looking to fight his way onto the roster. Factor in the offensive line shuffling and the Todd Herramans signing, which should help provide stability and hopefully better protection for Luck. As you can see, an already prolific offense improved itself through the draft and off season signings.

Should we take caution with this killers row on offense? Maybe, the team may need a little time to gel together as many new players will be suiting up for the horseshoe for the first time this season while also losing Mr. Colt, Reggie Wayne (whom the team decided not to re-sign) the team will be without the unquestioned leader. The offense and the team will now fall on Luck’s shoulders and guidance. The bottom line is this team has improved and added offensive personnel, and many players, analysts, and fans are seeing the potential of this team to be even more explosive than last year’s team. Get your favorite seat ready, the show “shoe” is coming this fall!

DeFlate Gate: Brady Suspended 4 Games


Hollywood couldn’t script this any better, Tom Brady has been suspended 4 games for his part in the football deflation scandal by the league.  Here is the part I was referring to, Tom’s first game returning from suspension is against: wait for it, the Colts.  Yes, the same team that was involved in tipping off the league about the suspected practice.   The Patriots were also fined 1 million dollars and 2 draft picks taken away.

The team has remained quiet since being implemented as the team who alerted the league, now they will have to face the wrath of Brady who will be looking to exact some revenge against the Colts.  The Luck lead Colts have only faced the  Patriots at Gillette Stadium and have not been close really in any of those meetings, now they finally get the champions at home with angry Tom Brady.

Make no mistake about it, the Patriots will be motivated, Brady will be motivated, Belicheck will be, so will the Colts be?  That is the million dollar question, and reading the tea leaves it looks like now is the the opportunity for the Colts to slay the dragon.  Brady could be showing signs of rust, due to inactivity just as the Colts could be riding a wave of success.  It’s hard to say at this point but I think the team won’t be embarrassed at home, that I believe.  Will the beat them?  Again, I hope, but an angry Brady will make this more difficult, at least it should on paper.  I guess we get to find out on October 18 on Sunday Night Football on NBC!

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