Is It Win Or a Change In Leadership?

Today Ian Rapoport reported that Colts head coach Chuck Pagano will not receive an extension before the season begins this year. This wasn’t a report that was full of sources but with what the Colts have been doing with their moves it’s not secret they are in a win now mentality. However is that fair to the coaching staff? Continue reading Is It Win Or a Change In Leadership?

Colts Find Veteran Cornerback In Veteran Combine

The Colts offseason so far has been very exciting for most Colts fans. We have seen a slew of great signings that show a win now mentality from the front office. We all know Ryan Grigson looks under every rock in the world to find talent so it was no surprise when he signed a standout from the inaugural Veteran’s Combine.

The Colts are thin in the defensive backfield so they are trying to find talent who can fill in during this time before the NFL Draft in April. They are still in need of a strong safety but they may have found a solid back-up cornerback in Deveron Carr.

Carr signed with the Bucs in 2013 as an undrafted free agent out of Arizona State. He was a standout in college and had hoped to bring his talents to the NFL. Sadly like many college players coming to the NFL, his dream never came to fruition with Tampa Bay. He appeared in only nine games, all on special teams during his stint with the Bucs. He was cut a year later. Carr is one of the young veterans who took full advantage of the inaugural Veteran’s Combine held in Arizona just a few days ago.

Carr is coming into a very good situation in Indianapolis. They need the depth in a bad way and we all know that Toler isn’t the most reliable option when it comes to staying healthy. Carr may be a special teamer but so was Sergio Brown before he got his chance when former employee #30 couldn’t be on the field for the Colts last season. If Carr continues to grow off his stellar veterans combine performance he could very well find playing time in Indy and not just on kickoffs.

Late Round Sleepers The Colts Should Target

Every year when the NFL draft approaches there are lists made up of sleepers that teams should target in the later rounds. The Colts have a history in drafting players in the later rounds that turn out to be star players for the team. Robert Mathis and Antoine Bethea come to mind right away. The scouts for each team have to dig really deep on these kinds of players and when the GM makes that phone call on draft day they have to hope they have found a diamond in the rough.

This year is no different. The Colts have been using free agents to fill needs so far in the Ryan Grigson era but they also need to be finding this diamonds in the rough to help build a homegrown unit in Indy once again. Many of us may not have liked the way Bill Polian refused to use free agents as building blocks and use the draft to build but we have to all agree at this point, it worked out well. So here is my list of possible sleepers the Colts should target in the later rounds of the draft. Continue reading Late Round Sleepers The Colts Should Target

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