TBF Fan of the Week- Cody Manning

True_Blue_Fans_2 (1)As you all know here at TBF we love interacting with Colts fans and football fans in general.  We love to bring the voice of the fan to our site and push it through in our articles.  So as we near training camp we all thought that it would be a great idea to name this week’s TBF Fan of the Week as the official TBF Training Camp fan of the week.  This young man will hold the title of FOTW until after the first preseason game.  So please help me welcome a young die-hard Colts fans-CODY MANNING!!

TBF– What is your name and where are you from?

Cody– My name is Cody Manning.  I was born in Huron, SD but I grew up in the SW part of Wisconsin.  I am currently living in Springfield, MO so I guess you could say I am from the Midwest.  Lol.

 TBF– What do you do for a living?

Cody– I am currently in school and I am looking to major in physical education so I can teach one day.  I also hope to coach.  As of now though I work in telemarketing.

TBF– How long have you been a Colts fan?

Cody– It was during the 1996 season when I first started liking the Colts.  I actually was a Cowboys fan because of my father but he made me mad for some reason I still can’t remember why.  Anyways, I told him that I was going to like the next team the Cowboys played which were the Colts.  I’ve been a fan since.  We won that game by the way :)

 TBF– Who is your current favorite Colts player?

Cody– Antoine Bethea.  I have loved his game ever since he was a rookie.  I hope he retires as a Colt.

TBF– Who is your favorite Colts player from the past?

Cody– Marvin Harrison.  He, in my mind, is one of the best wide receivers to play the game.  Some of the catches he made were so amazing.

TBF– Do you have plans to go to training camp this year?

Cody– Unfortunately I don’t have plans but I hope to one day.

TBF– What traditions/superstitions do you have on gameday?

Cody– I always wake up around 10:30 so I can prepare myself for gameday.  I always wear my Colts gear.  I watch the pregame shows and make sure my fantasy football lineup is ready.  Nothing too crazy but every Sunday I have my thing.

TBF– What is your most memorable moment as a Colts fan?

Cody– That’s hard to pick.  Winning the Super Bowl was huge, the epic AFC Championship comeback against the rival Pats, or even this year’s Green Bay game for Chuck.  But if I had to pick it was this past year when I was finally able to go to my first NFL game when we played the Chiefs.  It was amazing to see it live finally.  Plus I got to watch Luck lead a game winning drive to clinch a playoff berth right before my eyes.  It was awesome.  I just need to experience a home game now.

TBF– What new player are you looking forward to seeing in action?

Cody– LaRon Landry.  He is going to be a beast for us.  I can’t wait to see him on the field with Bethea.  Plus he follows me on twitter so I have to be excited for him.

TBF– What is your prediction on how this season goes?

Cody– I see us winning at least 10 games and winning back the AFC South.  I honestly believe with how weak the AFC is right now that we could make a deep run in the playoffs.  I’m excited for this season.

TBF– What else would you like for the TBF Nation to know about you?

Cody– I just want you guys to know that I bleed blue and white!  I love being a Colts fan and the fact that there are so many cool Colts fans around the world.  I hope one day soon I’ll be in a packed stadium full of Colts fans for a home game.  Thanks for selecting me and GO COLTS!!!!!

We would just like to thank Cody for taking the time to answer some questions for us.  We love our followers and fans and Cody is the epitome of a Colts fan.  Thanks again Cody and hopefully soon you will get your chance to see “The Monster” in action at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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