Say What Jerry Hughes?!?

If you haven’t heard already former Colt Jerry Hughes, now with the Buffalo Bills, stated publicly that the Colts never Hughesreally gave him a chance.  When asked about his return to Indy he stated, “It never really felt like home, so that’s why I’m not attached to there.”  Really Jerry??  You weren’t given a chance?  Now, I will admit that it was difficult for him to get playing time his first two years in the league playing behind possibly the best defensive end duo in NFL history but what about last season?  Last year was prime time for Hughes to shine.  Adjusting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and knowing that Freeney was going to have a difficult time with it.  That was Jerry’s chance to really make a statement.  He had a good preseason and then, nothing.

On to the statement of not being connected here, my only question is why?  This team and the former front office took a chance by drafting you in the first round when you were a third round talent at best.  This team took it’s time bringing you along and put you in the best situation a young defensive end could have been in.  Not attached?  That’s fine Jerry.  I, like other Colts beat writers and bloggers, am happy to hear the good news coming out of Buffalo that Hughes has impressed the coaches and players there.  That’s great.  Like many have said and seen before, a chance in scenery could be just the thing to revitalize a career.  But you can bet when Hughes is announced this Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium that Colts Nation is going to let him know just how attached they are to him.

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