Fleener showing his abilities finally

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoby Fleener was the Colts second round pick two years ago.  He was dubbed the next Dallas Clark by some.  He had more speed and size than Dallas and their receiving abilities were a match for each other.  I was excited to see Fleener play with Luck in the NFL for my hometown team.  Alas, that wasn’t the case.  Fleener struggled with minor injuries last year and was being outshined by fellow rookie tight end Dwayne Allen.  When Fleener would get time to play, he would drop balls that he didn’t normally drop and didn’t seem too confident in himself.  Allen’s stock rose and Fleener’s began to fall.  Fast forward one year later and that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

From all reports coming out of Colts camp, Fleener has shined as they all hoped he would last season.  He is making those tough catches and not dropping the easy ones.  His blocking is still something to be desired but that is something he continues to work on.  He has flashed his talents so far and is becoming a very consistent player for the Colts offense.  This is great because this season, the tight ends are going to be relied on more than ever.

This has to be Fleener’s year.  If he gets outplayed and out worked by Allen again this season then where do the Colts go with him?  I know everyone says that young players need to have at least three seasons under their belt before you can really judge their effectiveness in the league but Fleener may not get that shot.  He must strike while the iron is hot for him.  He is seeing more balls in practices and the coaches are really high on him this offseason.  I for one am hoping Coby can pull it together and have a good season.  In this offense with his friend at the helm and his old coach calling the plays, anything less than 500 yards and 6 touchdown catches would be a bust season.  Are those numbers too high?  No, I don’t think so.  Given how the combo of Fleener and Luck was advertised.  That should be the mark that is met by Fleener.

One response to “Fleener showing his abilities finally

  1. Instead of bringing in the “next Dallas Clark” why not just bring the Real Dallas Clark back home? I heard he’s looking for a place to play. And you already know he’s good. And I just miss him so darn much.

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