Marijuana or Money??


LaVon Brazill today was suspended by the NFL for a minimum of one year for failing the League’s substance abuse policy.  This is the second suspension and probably for all practical purposes is his last chance with the team.  Brazill was taken in round 6 of the 2012 draft out of Ohio University.  At 5’11” and 191 pounds, LaVon has good size combined with toughness for the wide receiver position.  He has shown lots of potential talent in several break out games, but also was relegated to special teams for a majority of the season last  year after serving a four game for suspension for failing the substance abuse policy in 2013. Fans will remember his multi touchdown playoff game against the Patriots in January of this year.

LaVon was projected to be in a training camp battle for a roster position on this year’s version of the Colts.  Da’Rick Rogers, Griff Whalen, and Brazill were largely expected to battle for the two remaining wideout positions on the final roster. Many were expecting the battle to ultimately come down between himself and Whalen.  With his suspension, it all but just about ensures that Whalen will make the team, providing the team keeps 6 receivers as many have projected.  LaVon has a huge upside with big play capabilities, unfortunately, he seems to have a problem making sound decisions off the field.  Brazill likely knew that he was probably on his last chance with the Colts after his suspension last year.

Is it a big loss?  No, not this year.  The team is stacked with receivers like: Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks, TY Hilton, rookie Donte Moncrief, plus Da’Rick Rogers and Griff Whalen.  Add tight ends, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener and it’s obvious that Andrew Luck shouldn’t have any issues finding someone to sling it to.  The thing with Brazill is that he did show lots of potential and seemed to have big play ability, and toughness which resulted in YAC (Yards After Catch). Ultimately, it’s just too bad he decided that marijuana (presumably) was more important than playing the game he loved since he was a young boy.  There is a big part of me that feels bad for the guy, but also I feel conflicted by his actions that he chose.  Is marijuana the worst thing in the world, in my opinion, no.  But the law is the law, and the NFL tells the players don’t do it.  Especially since he been busted before.  I hope he can clean things up and turn things around, but I feel that we have seen the last of him representing the shoe.

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