Reports on DHB were premature

On Monday, reports were coming out of camp that Darrius Heyward-Bey had sprained his MCL and would miss 2-OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4 weeks if not longer.  These reports came before the end of that days practice.  After practice was over the Colts denied all reports that it was a sprained MCL but it was a sprained knee and would be day to day.  Whatever the case was, many Colts fans were wondering what was going to happen next.  I look at this as the opportunity that Griff Whalen needed to step in and make his mark.  On Tuesday, things changed.  On the cusp of the biggest fan turn out for training camp, the ever so popular night practice, it seemed that DHB may not be as bad as we all thought.

Once practice began, reports from Twitter started to flow out that DHB was warming up and stretching as if he was going to participate in drill and practice.  George Bremer from The Herald Bulletin in Anderson tweeted out, “DHB running routes in individual work.  Looks to be full-go.”  Now he did take part in the individual drills but sat out the team drills.  More than likely to take it easy on the knee and not do too much at once.  When we asked Bremer how DHB looked in the individual drills he said he looked “fine”.  That is great news.

This doesn’t shut the door on Whalen’s chances to make a splash.  This Sunday the Colts suit up and prepare to bang heads with the Buffalo Bills.  Whalen should see extensive time during that game to see if his body can handle the banging of the game.  DHB may or may not play but the fact that he is getting back on the practice field is huge.  He needs this time to work with Luck so Andrew will learn to trust him when he needs him.  Looks like everyone may have jumped the guy Monday, yes even us.  But it is great news to hear he is back to doing work.


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