Top 30 Players in Indianapolis Colts History

colts_30th_season_conceptThis year marks the 30th season of Colts football in Indianapolis.  I felt it would be a great idea to countdown the top 30 INDIANAPOLIS Colts of all-time.  I have seen a few these done already, but they are adding players from the time the Colts were in Baltimore.  I do not disagree with that. A big part of Colts history is in Baltimore, but I wanted to shine light on the gentlemen who helped bring the Indianapolis Colts into the spotlight.  We will be doing a series of 10 players over the next three weeks.  This week we will count from number 30 all the way down to number 21.  We hope you enjoy this series, and please feel free comment on whether you agree or not.  Here we go:

#30.  Tony McCoy

Many Colts fans now may not know who this guy is, but he was a great pick-up for the Colts in the middle rounds of the draft in 1992.  A 4th round pick out of Florida, McCoy was as solid as they come at the defensive tackle position.  He may not have wowed people with his stats, but he did eat up a bunch of space for his fellow linebackers to make plays.  Great Colts player who blessed us with eight great seasons.

#29. Ray Buchanan

Big Play Ray, as many of us called him, was huge for the Colts in the early 90’s.  You could always count on him to Buchanancome up with a big play or stop when it was needed.  In his four years with the Colts, Ray tallied 16 interceptions while returning three of them for touchdowns.  1994 was his best season as a professional.  He snatched eight interceptions and three of his four career defensive touchdowns came that season.  This was also his biggest year in tackles.

#28. Sean Dawkins

Dawkins was drafted 16th overall by the Colts in 1993.  He was an all-american at Cal and was pretty effective from the beginning of his years in Indy.  In 1995, Dawkins was instrumental in the beloved playoff run to the AFC Championship where the Colts ended up losing a heartbreaker to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He played five seasons with the Colts before moving on to New Orleans and Seattle.

#27. Eugene Daniel

Eugene Daniel was one of the “founding fathers” of Colts football in Indianapolis.  The Colts picked him up in the 8th round of the NFL draft in 1984 and he paid off huge for years after that.  Daniel was a mainstay on the Colts defense for twelve great seasons and still is a fan favorite for the older Colts followers.  Many of Daniel’s records were broken by Peyton Manning during his streak of never missing a game.  He was named the 10th best draft pick in Indy Colts history by the Indianapolis Star.

joseph-addai#26. Joseph Addai

Addai was a first round pick out of LSU and the Colts selected right that season.  Addai came into his rookie season and immediately had an impact on the offense.  Addai rushed for over 1000 yards in his rookie season; and broke the franchise and NFL rookie record for most touchdowns scored when he tallied up four touchdowns against the Eagles.  Addai was a huge part in the playoff run towards Super Bowl XLI.  Between Dominic Rhodes and himself, they carried the Colts to a Super Bowl victory where he nabbed the most receptions by a running back in Super Bowl history.

#25. Dominic Rhodes

Rhodes was another unsung hero in the Colts history.  When there wasn’t a running game he created one.  When James needed a spell, Rhodes carried the load.  During his rookie season after James tore his ACL, he ran for the most rushing yards by an undrafted free agent in NFL History with over 1100 yards in only nine games started.  During Super Bowl XLI, Rhodes eclipsed the 100 yard mark and scored a touchdown.  In many Colts fans eyes, Rhodes should have been named Co-MVP of the Super Bowl.

#24. Marlin Jackson

Marlin made on of the biggest plays in Indy Colts history.  With 18 seconds left in the 2006-2007 AFC Championshiop, Jackson intercepted Pats QB Tom Brady solidifying the win and a trip to Super Bowl XLI.  Drafted in the first round by the Colts in 2005, Jackson became a fan favorite quickly.  He was a versatile player because he was able to play cornerback and safety at any given time.  The season after winning the Super Bowl, Jackson injured his knee and was never the same player again.  Marlin Jackson will forever hold a special place in Indy Colts fans’ hearts, as his play sent our team to their first Super Bowl.

#23.  Bill Brooks

Brooks was one of the offensive cornerstones from 1986 to 1992.  Brooks was known as the “go-to” guy and made sure to uphold that moniker.  Brooks turned in his career best season his rookie year hauling in over 1100 yards.  Brooks went on to play for a few other teams and making a Super Bowl appearance with the Buffalo Bills just one season after leaving Indianapolis.  Bill Brooks was honored by the Indianapolis Colts as being the first player inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor and currently works for the team.

#22.  Tony Siragusa

Tony “The Goose” Siragusa came to the Colts in 1990 as an undrafted free agent.  In the six years he was in Indy, Goosehe became a force in the middle of the defensive line and a very charismatic leader of the team.  He was loved by fans in Indy and he made sure he paid the fans and community back with his giving nature and always being there for his team.  Tony moved onto Baltimore after his time in Indy where he did win his first and only Super Bowl.

#21.  Eric Dickerson

Involved in one of the biggest trades of that time, Dickerson came to the Colts in a trade with the then- L.A. Rams.  He quickly became the Colts’ workhorse on offense and carried the team to their first winning season since coming to Indy.  While with the Colts, Dickerson reached the 10,000 yard mark faster than any running back in NFL history.  In 1989, Dickerson set the NFL record for most consecutive seasons with 1,000 yards rushing.  Alas, Dickerson’s ego got the best of him in Indy.  He was suspended for multiple games throughout his time in Indy.  While he did set high marks for Colts running backs to follow, he was finally let go after the 1991 season.

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