Colts vs. Giants Post Game Wrap-Up

Colts_V_NyThat’s more like it.  Our boys in blue finally showed everyone on national television what Colts football is all about.  Even facing down the great Eli Manning and that rough and stout New York defense couldn’t stop the Colts from imposing their will on their opponent.  I should follow my own advice, which is do not get too excited over a preseason game.  However, we all have to be impressed with how the Colts played against the Giants.  There were quite a few positives that came out of the game.  A few players continued to impress and grow, but there were some players that still aren’t cutting it.  I understand this is only the second preseason game, but as first cuts come closer these guys are going to have to put their big boy pants on and push for a coveted roster spot.  There were many positives tonight and a few negatives.  Coach Pagano and his staff will be working on these this week to prepare our Colts for Cleveland next Saturday.  


Luck and company had a difficult start to the game but finally found their groove.  Luck threw a terrible pass under pressure towards Reggie WilliamsWayne.  Giants CB Aaron Ross had a sure fire interception.  He bobbled the pass and knocked it in the air, and Reggie showed why we all love him with a great catch and touchdown.  Luck would once again find pay dirt with a great pass to T.Y. Hilton.  The Colts’ first team offense was able to put up 17 points without too much push back from the Giants defense.  The running game is still stagnant.  Ballard has yet to show the power and speed that he displayed last year.  Bradshaw is still making his comeback, so Donald Brown, Delone Carter, and Kerwynn Williams are seeing more time.  One thing that has to be given to Coach Hamilton, he did a very good job of staying with the running game tonight.  Last week it was abandoned as if they were taking the preseason game to heart.  Tonight, Pep kept giving the running backs the ball to take that pressure off the quarterbacks.  The offensive line seems to be playing much better and they all seem to be on the same page.  The Giants put pressure on the quarterbacks tonight, but the O-Line kept the pocket intact or created running lanes for them to escape.  T.Y. Hilton continues to impress this preseason.  DHB played very well tonight.  He was targeted early and often and made the most of his time.  Kerwynn Williams was very impressive tonight.  He was given the ball often later in the game and had some great runs.  Coby Fleener is still having a rough preseason.  He has been good in training camp but hasn’t been able to translate that to the field just yet.


Caesar-Rayford-with-ColtsThe Colts’ defense were the stars tonight.  From the starters to the 3rd or 4th guys on the depth chart,  they all played well and played with attitude.  The first team defense had back to back red zone stands.  In the first one, they made the Giants turn the ball over on downs when they sat at the 16 yard line.  The second red zone stand, they held the Giants to 3 points when they sat on the 12 yard line.  Very impressive.  Greg Toler nabbed his first interception in a Colts uniform after a bad throw by Eli Manning.  The Colts racked up 6 sacks throughout the game and the stars in my mind of the game were Drake Nevis and Caesar Rayford.  Between the two of them, they racked up 4 sacks with two apiece.  They were both flying all over the field and causing havoc for the Giants defense.  Bjoern Werner finally saw extended action, but really wasn’t too much of a presence while he was out there.  The downside to my lovefest with the Colts’ defense tonight is that they still allowed 4 yards per carry with Giants running backs.  Now, I will admit that many of those yards came off one big David Wilson run and the running that happened later in the game.  Nevertheless, these back and deep on the depth chart guys must get on the same page with the starters.  If there is one mantra that is huge in the Colts organization is “Next Man Up”.  If someone goes down they must be able to come in and produce close to the same as the guys ahead of them.  One great stat for the defense tonight is the fact that the Giants were 0-4 in the red  zone.  Red zone defense was something that the boys in blue can hang their hat on tonight.

TBF Players of the Game:

Offense:  Kerwynn Williams

Defense: Drake Nevis/Caesar Rayford

Special Teams: Pat McAfee

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