True Blue Fan of the Week: Cathi Beatrice

True_Blue_Fans_2 (1)Our True Blue Fan of the week is Cathi Beatrice. She has endured the stink-eye from Dolphin fans. She loves McAfee and Overton as much as we do. ‘Nuff said.

What is your name and where are you from? 
My name is Cathi Beatrice and I am from Indianapolis

What do you do for a living?
I am currently enrolled in IVY Tech’s nursing program.

How long have you been a Colts fan?
I have been a Colts fan since they moved to Indianapolis. My parents had season tickets for 5 years, so I was able to go to lots of games at the RCA Dome. I moved to Pompano Beach, Florida in 1988, so I was a Colts fan in a sea of many Dolphin fans. When the Colts played the Dolphins,  I would wear my Colts shirt proudly. I sure got a lot of looks. Or any game day when I wear wear my Colts jersey.

Who is your favorite current Colts player?
I actually have 2 favorite Colts players: Pat McAfee and Matt Overton.  I moved back to Indianapolis in 2009, so when my daughter would visit from Florida we would go to the Colts training camp. We got Pat’s picture and autograph. We went back a couple of days later, and asked him to sign the pictures of my daughter and him. He said sure, thanks for coming out again, great seeing you.  When Pat would be at event we would go and he always say hi and talk to us. That means a lot to a fan, that a player takes the time to say hi and speak with you. To this day he still makes an effort to say hi.
Plus that fact that Pat has done so much for the Military, which is such a great thing!  And Pat is hysterical on twitter! Matt Overton is another player that takes time for his fans,  always says hi, and thanks for coming out. And  Matt takes time to go to Riley Hospital and visits the children there. He has done so much for one particular family and their daughter, I think what these 2 guys do off the field show what truly great guys they are. And they also appreciate their fans. Pat and Matt are usually the only 2 who will stay after practice daily for pictures and autographs.
Who is your favorite past Colts player? 
Peyton Manning. I loved watching how intense he was as a quarterback. Even when he was sitting on the bench, he was always studying plays. And I liked to hear him call plays in Gaelic!  I understand why the Colts got rid of Peyton, but it still made me sad. It was the end of a great era in Colts History
What is your greatest memory from the Colts?
My greatest football memory is kind of of bittersweet. My mom was a huge Colts fan, all she  wanted was the Colts to win a Superbowl. She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2004, and passed way in 2006 without ever seeing the Colts win a Super Bowl. I was still living in Florida when Super Bowl LXI was played in Miami. My friend got us tickets and I was able to see the Colts win a Superbowl. And I believe my mom was right there cheering them on!
What are your gameday traditions?
My best friend and I would meet for breakfast in our Colts gear, socks, shirts, bracelets, and earrings. We would either go to LOS or go back to one of our houses and watch the games. We would kick the guys out because they made fun of us for screaming at the tv.
What player are you looking forward to watching most this season and why?
I am really looking forward to watching Björn Werner. My daughter goes to FSU, where Björn went, and said he was a really great player. So I am anxious to see what he can bring to the Colts defense.

What are your expectations for this season?
I am expecting a great season this year. I believe Ryan Grigson and Coach Pagano have done an excellent job of putting together a winning team. Last year was exciting, but think this year will be better! I can not wait for it to begin.

What else do you want the TBF Nation to know about you?
I am a die hard Colts fan, and I believe the Colts have the best fans! I joined twitter to be able to connect more with Colts fans, and am so glad I did. I have met a couple of them at the Training Camp and will meet more Sunday at the Colts Pre-Season Game.  Thank you so much for picking me! GO COLTS!

There you have it, readers- our True Blue Fan of the week!!! Thanks for your time, Cathi, and GO BLUE!!!!!  You can follow Cathi on Twitter @MS_CLB.

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