Is Conservative Play Calling The Problem?.

PepThe Colts are 1-1.  They have had two sub-par performances so far, and there are many questions as to why.  Is it the offensive line’s fault?  Or is the defense not playing consistently?  There are many different takes to this question.  Is Pagano to blame for the slow start to this team, or is another coach?  This is where I am hanging my hat, but not with Pagano.  There is someone on the coaching staff that I think needs to step up his game, or the Colts are going to lose more of them.

Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton has been and is being called out by the Colts Nation.  In the first half of both games, the offense came out guns blazing but then cooled off in the second half or when they got the lead.  It’s plain to see.  The play calling for the Colts offense has been far too conservative so far.  Coach Pep seems to be afraid to keep his foot on the throttle throughout the entire game.  In the first half of both games, Luck’s numbers have been outstanding.  The second half have been dreadful numbers.

Coach Hamilton has been pushing the power running game over the last two weeks and it seems to be working.  Through week two the Colts’ rushing offense is ranked 6th in the league.  The extremely weird thing is the passing game is ranked extremely low- which goes to show that Pep is calling the games unbalanced.  He has taken the ball out of Luck’s hands far too often, or hasn’t taken any risks on big plays down field.  In week two we saw the Colts take a few shots down field but when the game got close or the Colts fell behind, they started to play conservatively and predictably.  When things get tough, Pep abandons the running game allowing the opposing defense to pin their ears back and come after Luck.  This could be a big reason for the offensive line play to be so terrible.  They are trying to protect Luck but when the defense knows for sure the Colts are going to throw, then they start blitzing like crazy.

This week, Coach Pep is going to have throw out his insecurities and go big or go home.  He cannot afford to call a conservative game against an aggressive defense.  He needs to learn that when the Colts go up to not take his foot off the pedal and run over the opposing team.  In college, coaches are somewhat looked down upon if you run up the score on the opposing team.  In the NFL it’s different.  If you run over an opponent and back up to do it again, you are heralded for it.  Coach Hamilton needs to learn he is not cultivating young college players any longer.  He isn’t being a nurturing coach.  He needs to start finding his blood thirst for points in the league or his time as an NFL coordinator is going to be short-lived.  This week is his week to show the league and Colts Nation that he is the right guy for the position.  It’s going to take everything the offense can throw at the 49ers for the Colts to leave Candlestick Park with a win.  Can Pep get it done?  I sure hope so, or the team could be in huge trouble.

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