Calling All Fans!!!

national-bullying-prevention-center We here at True Blue Fans love interacting with our followers and fans as  much as possible.  We are now asking for your help.  Over the last couple  of months, I have been wanting to do an auction via True Blue Fans for  Colts memorabilia, tickets or anything like that.  Our issue is finding  people who are willing to donate for the auction.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the auction would be for, and what      would be done with the money.  There is a cause that Cari and I feel very   passionately about- to end bullying.  This is a cause that is dear to our hearts as we both work with juveniles and have seen a few of their young lives cut short due to bullying.  We also have children of our own and we want to help stand up to bullying so that it may never happen to them.

That is why we are calling on all TBF fans and followers.  Also, we are calling on any and all Colts players or front office people who are willing to donate items that we can auction off and send the money to the National Bullying Prevention Center.  I understand that this is asking quite a bit of all of you.  I do understand what I am asking but if you have ever been bullied or see what can happen to a child, or even an adult, that succumbs to bullying; then you know what pain looks and sounds like.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  If we are able to get a few items sent to us for use then we will be able to hold a two week auction with all proceeds going to the National Bullying Prevention Center.

If you are on board with us, please email us with what you have to donate and we will get you an address to where you can send it.  I want to say thank you for those of you have taken the time to read this and I hope that you can help us with this venture.  Again, thank you and God Bless.


True Blue Fans Staff

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