Indy Chosen As A Top 3 Destination for Super Bowl LII

lucas-oil-stadiumOne down, one to go.  Indianapolis was chosen as one of the top 3 landing spots for Super Bowl LII in 2018.  They are going up against Minneapolis and New Orleans.  Most people seem to think that there were three cities chosen but there are only two in real contention for the Super Bowl-  Indianapolis and New Orleans.

New Orleans seems to be the biggest competition for Indianapolis.  They city of New Orleans will be celebrating their 300th anniversary when Super Bowl LII comes around.  That is going to be a huge selling point for New Orleans to land the big game.

Indianapolis has their own upsides as well.  They hosted the Super Bowl just a couple of years ago and received rave reviews.  People who came to our fair city boasted about the hospitality that the city showed them and even league officials were impressed with how the city prepared and executed their plans for the Super Bowl.

The weather during the Indianapolis Super Bowl was extremely uncanny for that time of year but the weather had little to do with patrons to Super Bowl village having a great time.  Indy did a great job of bringing in great entertainment and set up the downtown area to be very friendly for foot traffic.  They used every square inch of the downtown area they could and really had something for everyone.  I’m not saying New Orleans doesn’t do the same, but I think we all remember what happened in last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans.  The game was put on a large hiatus due to a power outage that left one half of the stadium in the dark.

Both destinations have many great qualities to offer for anyone coming for the Super Bowl.  We will see what happens in May when the league officials select the city that will host the big game.  We will all be watching closely, those who live in Indiana, and hope that the NFL give will this great city another opportunity to show what Hoosier Hospitality is all about.

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