Pagano Isn’t As Bad As Many Like To Think

hi-res-176178404_crop_650x440After last night’s terrible loss to the Chargers many people took to Twitter and other social media outlets and called for Coach Pagano’s job.  Really people?  That’s what you really want?  I understand that he made a bad call on 4th and 2 to put at our own 17 yard line.  Should he have gone for it with the game essentially on the line?  Probably.  But does that make him a coach worth firing?  The answer is simple, NO!

For the past three weeks I have seen some of these same people praise Coach Pags for doing an exceptional job with this team and leading them to big victories.  So why is it that after a loss that should have been a win you would want him fired?

This is getting ridiculous.

I know that the way Coach P called the game last night may leave him in limbo with the media and some fans, but what’s going to happen if the Colts beat the Broncos this week?  All will be forgiven until the next time the Colts lose another game they should have won?  I said it last night, and I will say it again.  The coaching staff can only prepare them for the game and put them in positions to make plays- but the players have to perform.  Last night the players didn’t come through.

It’s okay, everyone.  This is only the 6th game of their schedule.  4-2 is a lot better than most people said the Colts would be at the beginning of the season.  Chuck has led the team to this point.  Pep has called the games offensively that have gotten the team to this point.  Coach Greg has called the defensive plays that have us all excited.  And finally, the players have performed above and beyond expectations.

This is a long season full of ups and downs.  I don’t think it’s very intelligent to go from praise to wanting a man fired from week to week.  So either get on board and stay on board, or jump in the water.  This ship is sailing for New York in January and the haters and doubters are extra weight that the Colts Nation doesn’t need.

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